Residential – Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols

Gone away on holiday or for business?
Waterloo Security can provide temporary or permanent Mobile Patrols while you are away. We can even collect your mail for you. Our Mobile Patrols provide an excellent deterrent in preventing your home from becoming a victim to malicious damage or, even worse, a break in!

Loved ones at home at night while you are at work?
We can perform welfare checks or discreetly check your home’s perimeter to ensure your family members are safe!

Waterloo Security offers a variety of Mobile Patrol security solutions for your home or rental property. Each is individually tailored to suit your needs and budget.  Additionally, all of our Mobile Patrol Officers are screened and selected based on their industry experience, and undergo regular training with daily evaluations and debriefings.

Alarm Responses

Because Waterloo Security Mobile Patrol vehicles’ routes are limited to your local area, we boast some of the fastest response times to your emergencies (all Alarm Responses attended under Australian Standards guidelines). Faster response times greatly increase our chances to catch criminals ‘in the act’, limiting your loss and damage.