Commercial – Mobile Patrols

Benefit from preventative measures

Waterloo Security Mobile Patrols can help prevent suspicious activity around your business and keep it from escalating into a crime. Patrols offer a visual deterrent to those looking to target your property.

Waterloo Security offers your business a variety of mobile patrol security solutions to choose from. Each is individually tailored to suit your needs and budget. Additionally, all of our Mobile Patrol Officers are screened and selected based on their industry experience, and undergo regular training with daily evaluations and debriefings. All sites are fitted with RFID Technology that records time and date of visits.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) monitoring in our Mobile Patrol vehicles additionally enables constant evaluation of the security services provided.

Waterloo Mobile Patrol services include:

Armed / Unarmed Escorts

Maximise the safety of your staff and property by having our Armed or Unarmed Security Officers (Guards) escort your personnel and property from your site.

Cash Conveyance

Protect your cash and valuables with our comprehensively insured cash transit service (available 24/7).

Lockup check

Waterloo Security performs a comprehensive lockup check to ensure that all doors and windows are closed and locked. Our staff can also be assigned an internal walkthrough of your property, checking the welfare of your staff and looking out for unauthorised activity or individuals. Lockup checks minimise insurance disputes in the event of a loss. Many incidents of loss occur with staff facilitating unauthorized access to property. All sites are fitted with RFID Technology that records time and date of visits.

Spotlight Check

Nightly site visits monitor for suspicious activity and deter potential criminal activity.

Alarm Responses

Because Waterloo Mobile Patrol vehicles are limited to the local area, we boast some of the fastest response times to your emergencies (all Alarm Responses attended under Australian Standards guidelines). Faster response times greatly increase our chances to catch criminals ‘in the act’, limiting your loss and damage. All sites are fitted with RFID Technology that records time and date of visits.