Commercial – Back to Base Monitoring

Rapid response plus FREE System Inspections

Each of our Monitoring Operators undergoes extensive monitoring and response training, ensuring an appropriate and rapid response to your security problem.  Also, a FREE equipment inspection is included with every monitoring agreement (12-month minimum agreement term required).

Extensive training plus the latest technology

Waterloo Security selects its Monitoring Operators based on their work ethic and industry experience.  They additionally undergo extensive training in your customised emergency response procedures.

Our Brisbane-based, high-security monitoring station utilizes the latest in electronic security technology to protect your information. Comprehensive backup systems are in place to ensure we can monitor your alarm uninterrupted even through power or communications failures.

You may also find Base-to-Base Monitoring makes your business eligible for discounts on related insurance policy premiums. (Check your policy – many insurance companies require it.)



Who should use



Allows communication from the security alarm system to the monitoring station through your standard phone line

Residential, Small Commercial

More cost effective for low activity sites

GSM (Global System for Mobile)

Uses mobile phone network as the communication path

Residential, Small Commercial

GSM is primarily used as a backup communication pathway if phone lines communications are interrupted

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)

Operates on the packet radio network. The GPRS polls (sends data), at specified intervals, allowing the monitoring station to identify loss of communication

(Waterloo can monitor Permiconn and Suretek GPRS Units (others upon request)

High Risk Sites, Medium to Large Commercial, Residential and commercial without a phone line

Does not rely on phone line, so security is increased while phone call costs from the security alarm system are eliminated.

Virtually immediate notification occurs if there is a communications failure from your alarm system. 

Your investment to monitor your alarm is a flat rate fee; there are no hidden extras for features your system may be programmed to alert for, such as:  late to arm, late to disarm, power fails, low battery, hold up and duress alarms.

You can even choose to pay annually for an even more affordable monitoring rate.