Access Controls & Alarms

Alarm Systems

A Waterloo Security Alarm System installed on your site offers peace of mind and the knowledge that no one can forcibly enter your site undetected. And, in combination with Waterloo Security Base-to-Base Monitoring Services, you possess not only an effective deterrent, but also a rapid response to crime.

Each Waterloo Security Alarm System is individually tailored to suit your needs and budget. Our qualified and experienced technicians undergo extensive training, ensuring a quality installation of your Alarm System, and then fine-tune it for optimised catch performance and reduced instance of false alarms, exceeding Australian Standards performance requirements.

Access Control Systems

Access Control eliminates your reliance on costly master key systems and expenses for lost or stolen keys. Each software-programmable access card can be activated or deleted with a simple click of a button.

Record, monitor and restrict access to all or specified locations of your site using keyless entry systems designed specifically for your business.

Alarm / Access Control Servicing

Our industry-leading reputation for rapid response and courteous, professional service personnel are the two foundation principles of our service commitment to you. Examples of our services include:

§  fault identification

§  fault rectification,

§  system and device upgrades,

§  installing additional devices e.g. motion detectors, door reed switches, smoke detectors, hold up buttons, radio keyfob pendants, sirens, strobe lights, code pads, etc.

Our long- term, good relationship with the biggest names in the world’s security industry (including Bosch, Honeywell, GE (Tecom), Hills, Inner Range (Concept), NESS and others) is another reason why we can provide you with comprehensive, experienced servicing on all Alarm Systems.

Alarm / Access Control Routine Preventative Maintenance

We highly recommend that regular Routine Preventative Maintenance be performed on your Alarm and/or Access Control System in accordance with Australian Standards. In fact, many insurance companies require this service. This maintenance will not only prolong the life of your equipment, but can also proactively diagnose problems before they arise, reducing the risk (and related expense) of false alarms and emergency call-outs for system repairs and replacements.